Biotechnology and Life Sciences Research

Reports, Publications & Submissions

  • Writing Mechanism of Action and Efficacy Research Reports
  • Peer-Review Publications, Posters, and Powerpoint Oral Presentations
  • Pre-Clinical (Animal) Sections of IND Submissions.
  • Data Analysis, Graphic Display, and Digital Imagery

Biological and Immune Assays:

  • Cell surface and IFNgamma intracellular cytokine flow cytometry
  • ELISPOT and ELISA  assays
  • Immunohistochemical localization of lymphocytes and resident cells
  • Tissue Histology,
  • Cell Ultrastructure, quantitative microscopy, image analysis

Data Analysis and Display:

  • ELISPOT digital image analysis
  • FACS software packages
  • ELISA multiwell plate colorimetric analysis
  • Digital Image Analysis
  • Graphic Data Display,
  • Photo Editing, and Webpage design